It's almost here and it's all coming together

I woke up Monday (yesterday) feeling half-crazed. One week until we leave.

Dana and Justin get here Friday, so sometime in the next day or two, pictures and videos are going to start appearing. She's got an agenda for the visuals, from what I understand, so we're all in for a treat, I'm sure.

We're both stressing a little. She's got work to complete before she leaves town for 2 weeks. Yesterday she got up early and did two separate photo shoots on the beach and I believe she tied herself to the computer for the day editing. I've got to pack what little I have left here, get the car worked on and continue to occupy myself. It's funny; we're coming at this trip from two very opposite perspectives. Once we're together, though, life will be grand.

We're kind of good together, Dana and I. We've done the attached at the hip thing that friends do, but we've also gone months without talking much at all. I tell her just about everything, in the end, though and she always takes care of me...I hope she feels the same. Dana and I are kinda like guys with each other, come to think of it. It's a very face value friendship, which I appreciate. If there's something to say, it's said; if not we're moving on, thank you very much.

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  1. I saw your blog on a Facebook post from Caroline Giddens. I'm going to feel like a big ass if we've met before - but my husband and I can relate with your need to return to NC. We've been living in Italy for over a year and have decided to move home as well. I also write a blog about our travels and such, but all of them end with - can't wait to come home! Just thought it was cool to read your stuff, have anything else? My email is MundayAA@yahoo.com - good luck with the road trip. I'm sure you guys will soak up every second.