Touring SF and one day to go...

I stood outside a wonderful restaurant tonight and soaked in the ambiance of the downtown streets. I was just off of Grant, not far from the Chinatown Gate. There's a plethora of great old buildings, populated with retail stores and swanky restaurants, overcharging due to their locations.

There's a gentleman who always plays the saxophone on the corner, in front of Fresh. It's beautiful. The night I decided to take the job here, I paced, up and down the street---on the phone with friends, while he played in the background.

I won't see San Francisco in the evening as a resident again, after tonight. It's definitely a bit bittersweet---I wish I understood what it was that kept me from being happy here. There's no denying that this is the most beautiful place I've ever lived. I wish that I could have made it work. I guess I should really say, I wish that I had liked it enough to make it work. I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to, but I couldn't bother to set my mind to making it work here. Beauty, in and of itself, is an empty value when it comes to finding a home. I guess I wasn't able to find much soul out west, unfortunately.

Tomorrow, I'll drive into the city to pick up Justin and Dana from the hotel and we'll finish their whirlwind tour of the San Francisco. I'll drive them by Pier 39 and then drive them over the Golden Gate Bridge. It's been ridiculously fog free while they've been here, so hopefully that will keep until Dana gets some good pictures. I'm going to see about driving them through the North Bay before driving back to the East Bay, so they can see Marin County and all of that.

It's a nice feeling to know that 48 hours from now, we'll be on the road.

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