Denver, denver

So, I haven't posted anything since we arrived in Denver and we've covered a serious amount of ground since then. As of today, we are in Austin, TX, baby!!!

Denver was a great city. We ended up meeting some very friendly locals who pointed us in the right direction. The first night our concierge, Brian, at the Westin told us to go to the Falling Rock Tap House for a dog friendly place to go. They were great. I was able to bring Gramps and we hung out on the patio. Our server? Awesome. Their beer list? Ridiculous. Food? Perfect greasiness for a meal after the road.

And just as an aside, again, the Westin in Denver was a really nice place. It has all of the usual Westin fun, but they have a great group of people working there. I wouldn't normally promote a big corporate place, but the staff were all so friendly...I think Gramps became the hotel mascot for our stay.

I ended up walking around the city on Saturday instead of being lazy pool girl, as planned. It was overcast most of the afternoon, which made for nice walking weather. My favorite area of town was Lodo. There's a fantastic bookstore there called the Tattered Cover, that I'm willing to bet was the inspiration behind Barnes and Noble: great selection, great staff, great coffee, great decor.

On Saturday night we went out to the Wazee Supper Club for dinner (great pizza) and then went back to the Falling Rock Tap House to sample more beers to help send Justin back off to Wilmington early on Sunday morning (sad...very sad).

Dana and I also left Denver on the 16th, but we did so by car and headed to Santa Fe, NM.

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