An aside...

A road trip.
A road trip with 3 people and a dog.
A road trip with three opinionated people and an amped up dog in a smallish car that's packed to the hilt.
A road trip with one of my best friends, her hilarious, amiable boyfriend and my sweet pup who is completely devoted to me.

It's been 4 days on the road and we have all, already had our moments (dog included). But really, I can't think of a group I'd rather be on the road with. We are all a different combination of laid back, compassionate, passionate, particular, curious, funny and cynical. We can all be real bitchy too, I'm not going to lie.

It's going to lead to some blow-ups, for sure, but it's also going to lead to discoveries that no one expected. I'm the research girl---I like to analyze, take it slow, figure it out beforehand and then see what happens (if something comes up to change plans, I'm good with that, but I definitely like to dip my toe in before I just jump in the water). Dana, I think, may be the exact opposite. She came out saying that she was just along for the ride, but when she sees something she wants to do, or if we find an aside along the way that looks cool, she wants to do it. I don't know Justin well enough to say for sure, but I think he may be somewhere in between---he completes the circle, if you will.

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