Part of my excitement behind this trip across the U.S., is the opportunity to find and visit special small businesses and their owners. I have a pretty serious admiration for people who have that kind of passion.

Dana has her own growing photography business, dana hawley photography, and our lovely friend Matt Keen owns a fabulous record store in Wilmington, N.C., Gravity Records. This is, of course, not to mention all of the fantastic bar and restaurant owners we know, or are fans of there. As Dana and I both think that Wilmington is the rockinest place in the grand US of A be assured that we'll give you an enormous rundown when we get there.

In my jobless, waiting for Dana to arrive, state, I've been searching the internet like a maniac, trying to come up with a viable, fun as hell, not overly rigorous itinerary, I've found some fantastic businesses to check out.

Actually, last weekend, I had the fabulous opportunity to go to the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair and met a few lovely ladies that you should check out, as well.

Signed and Numbered --- Salt Lake City, UT---She has a print of my favorite moment from the Big Lebowksi, when Julianne Moore's character says, "He's a good man...and thorough..." I think I must have walked up to her booth at the RCF, with my jaw agape and possibly drooling....

Ornamental Things--- Austin, TX---I met Natalie and started telling her about the upcoming road trip and that I would be stopping in Austin. She immediately stopped and wrote down several lovely things to do for me. She's just as cute as a button.

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